Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Paper Beads and Earrings

I'm not really into jewelery, but somehow I seem to have quite a stash of it.

When the Jewelry Designer skill came out on DIY however, I got to work making some more. I wanted to earn a new skill, and this was a pretty simple one to choose.
Firstly, I put in my Rainbow Loom Rainbow Ladder Bracelet for the 'Make Rainbow Loom Jewelery' challenge. Click here to see the post about it.
Then I decided to have a try at making my own beads, so I scavenged out some paper that I had previously decorated by marble painting (you've heard of that, right? C'mon - what kid didn't do that when they were little?!), which was really bright and colourful - perfect. I also got some craft paper with prints on it, but I must say; I prefer the beads using 'my' paper xD
I cut it into strips that begun with about 1mm in width, slanting out into roughly 2cm. Then I took a toothpick and started rolling a strip around it, starting with the thick end. I glued it a little at the beginning, being careful not to glue the paper to the toothpick.
I rolled it around and around, keeping the paper in the centre as it slanted inwards, until it was finished. I glued the end down, slid the bead off and voila!
An awesome, easy, quick and super funky paper bead.
You should try some too!
Here's what mine look like:

Then I went up a step, and made a pair of earrings out of them.



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